Frequently Asked Questions


When Should I Use Bait Strips to Kill Roaches?

Combat Roach Killing Bait Strips should be used when you need to be fast, thorough, and discreet where roaches are likely to seek food, water, or shelter.

What is the best way to kill roaches?

The best way to kill roaches is to eliminate them at the source.

Can I use small roach baits and large roach baits at the same time, in the same area?

Yes you can use both large roach baits and small roach baits at the same time.

How do roaches transfer the bait?

Roaches transfer the bait through consumption or contact.

Why are there different baits for large and small roaches?

There are different baits for large and small roaches because different roach species have different food preferences.


When Should I Use Bait Strips to Kill Ants?

When it comes to ant infestation, Combat gives you a range of gel and bait solutions, but bait strips are particularly hassle-free. You can easily put these strips in discreet locations around your home.

What Types of Ants Can Combat® Kill?

Combat bait stations, gel baits, and bait strips are effective when it comes to eliminating ant problems in your home. Most ant pests live on either sweets or protein and Combat kills both types.

What Combat® Products are Made to Kill Ants?

All Combat products contain a mixture of food that ants can’t resist mixed with a pesticide they can’t survive.

How Long Does it Take to Kill Ants with Combat® Products?

Combat makes numerous products specifically tailored to take care of any ant problem.

What is the best way to kill ants?

The best way to kill ants is to kill the entire colony at their source.

What kind of ants are affected by Combat®?

Most household ants are affected by Combat.

How do ants transfer the bait?

Ants transfer the baits by sharing food or coming into contact with one another.

Why do I see more ants after I use the product?

You see more ants after first placing ant baits and gels because it's working!


What Ingredients are used in Combat® Gels, Baits and Bait Strips?

Combat makes three easy to use and effective products that efficiently eliminate cockroaches and ants. All three of these products attract insect pests with food laced with two types of insecticide.

What are the Ingredients in Combat® Bait Stations?

Combat utilizes two effective ingredients to solve your ant and roach problems: fipronil and hydramethylnon. While the chemicals are different they are both fast and effective.

How Do I Activate the Bait Station?

Simply remove the bait station from the carton and plastic wrap, break apart.

Are Combat® products less effective than Combat® Max™ products?

Combat® products are not less effective than Combat® Max™ products - they are used in different ways.

Why aren’t ants and roaches trapped in the bait stations?

Roaches and ants aren't trapped in the bait stations because these insects take the bat from the stations back to their respective nests.

What is the difference between baits and gels?

Gels contain more liquid compared to solid baits.

I’m interested in distributing Combat® brand products internationally. How do I find out more?

For retailers interested in distributing Combat brand products internationally, please fill out the request form and a representative will respond to your inquiry.


Are Combat Products Safe for Children and Pets?

Combat products contain one of two active ingredients: hydramethylnon or fipronil. While these chemicals are deadly to ants and roaches, Combat Bait Stations, Bait Strips, and Gel Baits have been shown to have a low order of toxicity. They are considered “relatively non-hazardous and virtually non-toxic” to people and pets as classified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

What should I do if my kids, pets, or I come in contact with the bait?

The insecticide in our product has been formulated to specifically affect insects and is virtually non-toxic to humans. However, we recommend washing hands after contact for your own protection.

Are Combat® products safe to use around household pets?

The active ingredient in our Combat® ant baits and gels have been designed specifically for ants and has been shown to have a low order of toxicity in animals such as (non-insect) household pets.

Are Combat® products safe to use in a food pantry?

Yes, Combat products are safe to use in a food pantry as long as there are no open foods.

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