9 Tips for Summertime Ant & Roach Pest Control


Have you ever been too embarrassed to invite guests over because you have a stubborn ant or roach infestation in the house? Well you can take small consolation in knowing you’re not alone. Anecdotal evidence suggests a fairly high number of people struggle with pest control issues.

Unfortunately, the peak bug season is upon us. The hot and humid summer months between March and October are when roach and ant populations multiply. As the weather becomes warmer, more Americans become afflicted with pest control problems in their homes and experience high levels of anxiety, stress and embarrassment.

But when it comes to effective pest control, you’ve got a secret weapon in Combat® products. Combat® Baits, Gels and Bait Strips contain a highly lethal ant and roach killer disguised as a sweet, carbohydrate-rich food source. When ants and roaches consume Combat, its delayed mode of action gives bugs time to take the poison back to the colony where it’s spread among the rest of the ants and roaches.

In a sweeping, domino like effect, Combat® destroys the entire colony along with the queen. Combat® targets pests at their source -- spray insecticides don't -- which is why Combat® is so much more effective for summertime ant and roach pest control.

To enhance your pest control strategy, follow these 9 tips:

  1. Sweep kitchen and bathroom floors at least once a day, and vacuum carpeting regularly to pick-up dropped food crumbs that could attract ants and roaches.
  2. Don't let daily trash sit for too long in the house. That means prompt and proper disposal of trashcans. Food left in a garbage can will attract ants and roaches in droves.
  3. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. They should be cleaned and put away before going to bed. Just a few dirty plates left out overnight will quickly attract ants and roaches.
  4. Be sure to properly store dry foods like unused pasta and rice in tightly sealed containers. Grain and flour products like pasta and rice left unsealed are bug magnets.
  5. Use Combat® Killing Bait Strips in areas where baits and gels aren’t suitable. These thin, discreet strips have an adhesive backing that offers versatility and can be placed out of reach of kids and pets – also allow them to be hidden from summer party guests.
  6. Place Combat® Baits behind appliances or along the back of cabinets and baseboards inside pantries. This will help keep roaches and ants from nesting in your kitchen or bathroom walls.
  7. Use Combat® Gel to seal cracks that bugs could use as a way into your home. Bugs are attracted to food and warmth so don't make it easy for them.
  8. Remove brush and leaf piles from around your property to avoid giving insects a place to build their nests and colonies. An improperly maintained landscape is perfect harborage for pests.
  9. Repair any leaky faucets and be sure to eliminate any standing pools of water inside or outside the house. Moisture attracts cockroaches, ants and other pests so it’s important to eliminate all sources of water.

For more information on how baits and gels work and how best to prevent bugs from invading your home and bathroom, view our helpful prevention video. You should also explore the Combat® website for more great tips, advice and helpful information for the summertime season.