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Why Do Restaurants Suffer From Roach Infestations?

Nothing can take away an appetite quicker than spotting a cockroach on the counter of the deli, diner or fine restaurant that you have just walked into. Cockroaches in living spaces are bad enough, but when they intrude upon dining spaces, that is bad news for both the restaurant owners, current customers, and future potential customers.


Is It Such a Big Deal?


Most restaurant patrons are not okay with sacrificing an occasional cockroach sighting for a delicious meal and will consider whether they really want to be eating there. Cockroaches in food storage and serving facilities like restaurants can indicate signs of much bigger problems, such as the following:

  • Bacteria and sanitation issues where the food is kept, cooked or served
  • Poor hygiene among restaurant staff and potential food safety problems
  • Structural issues with the building, such as cracking or missing insulation that lets pests enter the space


What Can Be Done?


When it comes to restaurant roach infestations, there are several ways to go about addressing the problem. Generally, you can quickly get to the bottom of a roach issue by removing what the roaches are after. In this case, the problem may be improperly stored fresh or dry food, dirty dishes, crumbs or leftovers on floors or counters or even food storage facilities that the roaches can enter into.

If a restaurant is at war with an army of roaches, or even one or two that may represent a growing population, these steps can be taken to reduce a space’s attractiveness to these pesky pests:

  • Clean all surfaces that food touches at the end of every day.
  • Keep all food items in properly sealed containers or in bug-proof storage facilities, such as fridges and freezers.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your floors and table surfaces and the general hygiene of the restaurant.
  • Keep doors closed and ensure that all your interior and exterior insulation is properly intact.
  • Clean up well after spills and accidents.

It is important for restaurants to be vigilant about keeping food in enclosed containers and making sure that cooking spaces are kept clean at all times – because if not roaches will come knocking!