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Cockroach Infestations – How Do I Know if I Have a Small or Large Problem?

It’s been said a billion times: if you see a single cockroach, there are hundreds nearby. Cockroaches are gregarious insects and they travel in groups. And that single cockroach you see is laying down pheromones, a scent that attracts other roaches to follow in her six little footsteps. The scent allows others to pinpoint her nest, the roach ensures plenty of breeding opportunities. And if there’s one thing roaches love more than eating every manner of old rotting food, garbage, and fecal matter - it’s breeding. But there are infestations and then there are INFESTATIONS! Is your roach problem large or small? It depends on how you answer these questions.

Are you seeing roaches during the day? Cockroaches are normally nocturnal creatures—they are only active at night. If you have a minor infestation, you will (usually) only see roaches after the sun sets and you turn out the lights. But if you see them during the day it means you have a major infestation; there are so many cockroaches in the usual hiding places that some are forced to come out in the daylight due to overcrowding.

Are you seeing roach poop? Cockroaches produce a lot of smelly fecal matter, which is one of the main reasons you don’t want them in your house. Roach feces look like coffee grounds or black pepper. The fecal matter can cause visible stains and strong musty or oily odors. If you have only a few roaches, you won’t see their poop. If you see small deposits of it, or notice an unusual odor, large numbers of cockroaches are moving through your abode.

Do you find cockroach eggs? Female cockroaches produce an egg capsule, called an ootheca, which is a dark brown, about 1/4" in length, and resembles a little bean. The German Roach carries her ootheca with her and may deposit her ootheca in a hidden place just a day or so before it hatches. If you squeeze the sac, it will explode into a slimy white goo. Since each German cockroach ootheca can produce 25 to 40 nymphs, you are looking at a major infestation if you see the eggs.

Remember, even a minor infestation can turn into a big problem if left untreated. Whatever the size of your infestation, you need to place Combat Roach Killing Bait Stations around your house before the problem gets out of hand.