Grab Your Flashlight: Where do Roaches Hide?

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be too much like a horror movie. Searching for cockroaches in your house might be an event that leaves you with goosebumps, but they're certainly not going to launch out at you and cause some act of violence in your home. They might be the bad guys, but they're not intentionally harmful. However, having an infestation is nothing to scoff at, and you should do what you can to quickly find and eliminate cockroaches.

What's the Big Deal?

Cockroaches are shockingly versatile and sturdy. They can survive happily without food or water for months at a time and can withstand temperatures and environments that many other creatures, even their fellow insect species, cannot. This means that once they've established themselves, they've established themselves for good. They're difficult to eradicate, and the first step in doing so is figuring out where they've made themselves at home in your home.

6 Places to Check

Get your flashlight out and get ready to do some inspecting. Here are seven places you are likely to find a cockroach problem.

1. Ceilings

Cockroaches have often been found to be sitting upside-down on ceilings in dark rooms. When found they often flee, so check for cracks or problem areas in your ceiling where they might be able to scurry off.

2. Pipes

Watch for areas that have pipes producing warm condensation and damp conditions. Roaches love to hang out in areas like these, including in open faucets such as in bathtubs.

3. Furniture

The soft fabric and materials of furniture, like couches and armchairs, provide tight spaces in which cockroaches can climb and keep comfortable. These areas are so suitable to cockroach living that they often lay their eggs there.

4. Appliances

Stoves and refrigerators are primary culprits for providing warm nooks and crannies in which roaches can scramble, as well as providing foraging opportunities during the nighttime.

5. Kitchens

Cockroaches love anything you have to feed them. Any type of leftover still clinging to a dirty dish is a dream come true for a roach, and they are happy to eat the scraps that you wouldn't.

6. Cabinets

The dark and usually warm atmosphere of these enclosed spaces is paradise for roaches. Often food is available in these areas as well, making them all the more appealing.

If you have a cockroach infestation, never fear. There are many ways to discover their living habits and eliminate their role in your household. Conquer your creepy-crawlies and grab your flashlight to begin the process of finding your uninvited guests.