Why Cockroaches Live in Cars & How to Get Rid of Them

Finding a cockroach in your car is a frightening and rather disgusting experience. You don’t often hear about cockroaches living in vehicles, so it is more than surprising to find one when you are driving down the highway. Will you ever get rid of cockroaches that have moved into your car? Will you need to set your car on fire and push it off a cliff? Find the answers and solutions to your bug problem.

Dangers of Cockroaches in Your Car

Cockroaches go inside cars for the same reason that they go inside a home: to find food, shelter, and a place to lay eggs. While finding a cockroach in your car is gross, is it actually dangerous? The fact of the matter is that they aren’t just a harmless bug. Having cockroaches is nothing like having ants or spiders. Cockroaches can transmit more than 30 different types of bacteria, which can have serious health consequences. While these cockroaches are invading your space, they’re leaving behind feces, regurgitated bodily fluids, and cast skins. The small space in your car can become a breeding ground for these cockroaches.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

You might see a cockroach and decide that you just need to clean your car. Cockroaches can burrow into small places that you might never notice while cleaning. They’ll reproduce under your seat, in the car frame, in the speakers and other small places. Even in a clean car, these bugs won’t vacate on their own, especially if it’s getting cold outside. They’re looking for shelter, and they can go a long time without eating anything.

You need to do more than detail your car to get the cockroaches out; however, searching for lost crumbs and sticky spills should be the first step. Once your car is clean, buy roach bait to kill the roaches. Place them under your seats and in the corners of the trunk. This will give cockroaches the food and water they need, but with poison that will kill them and the nest. The cockroaches will come out of hiding to eat and, eventually, die.

Don’t let cockroaches move into and take over your car. At the first sign of a cockroach infestation, you need to clean your vehicle and set out bait stations as soon as possible. You don’t want to reach over for a fry while driving and find a cockroach instead.