How Did Cockroaches Get in my Car?

Being trapped in a small space with bugs is usually a gross, possibly scary, and definitely unpleasant experience. Now imagine that you’re trapped with bugs inside a vehicle going 65 mph down the freeway - that can make for a dangerous and disgusting problem. So if it has happened to you, you just might be wondering, how did cockroaches get in my car, and what can I do about it?

The Big Three—Food, Water, Shelter

As long as cockroaches can find what they need to survive, food, water, and shelter, they will continue to inhabit an area and their population will continue to grow. While you may not realize it, cockroaches would likely consider cars to be an ideal place to live. There are crumbs and spills aplenty, provided by children, our pets, or even that we make, and those little spills can serve as a great buffet for a host of cockroaches. Cockroaches can even survive on paper, cardboard, and dirt, things that are prevalent in nearly every vehicle.

Take Action Immediately

Cockroaches can infest any place rather quickly, and they can travel to new areas by hitching rides in suitcases, on clothing, or even in bags and boxes. Worst of all, they multiply very quickly. Seeing only a few roaches during the day can translate to dozens of roaches hiding somewhere until the nighttime. Since they’re nocturnal, you may not see very many until it’s a serious problem. Cockroaches in your car can easily mean cockroaches in your home if you’re not careful and don’t solve the problem immediately.

Keep it Clean, and Then Attack

While notorious for the belief that they could survive a nuclear war, cockroaches really aren’t superhuman - they just tend to be tough to exterminate. To get rid of cockroaches, whether in your car or your home, you’ll need to cut off their access to food and water, and make their shelter uninhabitable. Clean your car thoroughly, and often. Take everything out, mats and seat covers included, and vacuum everywhere. Allow no food or drinks anywhere in your car and try to keep it spotless for as long as it takes to get rid of the bugs.

Get tough on cockroaches in your car before they get too tough to remove. Act fast and solve the problem the right way to avoid dealing with roaches in your car for months on end!