If I Find A Lot Of Ant Eggs What Should I Do?

An ant egg is white, oval-shaped, and small, about as big as the period at the end of this sentence. While ant eggs might be great for making the world’s teeniest omelet, if you discover them in your home or yard, you have a giant problem.

Ant eggs are produced by a queen ant which can lay up to 1,000 eggs a day if needed. These eggs hatch into swarms of ants determined to build a colony and forage for food. The tiny critters might choose to build a nest in your walls, basement, or right outside your back door. If left unchecked, you might have thousands of ants searching for food in your cupboards, behind your appliances, and swarming over your storage areas.

When you see ants, you need to act fast. First wipe away the ants with a damp cloth and rinse down the drain. Then place ant bait strips or bait stations around the area where you found the ants. Or you can try an ant-killing bait gel which is applied with an applicator. Squeeze bait gel into cracks and crevices, and around the ant area.

Whatever the type of bait, ants will eat it and take some back to the colony to feed the queen. The queen will die and ant eggs will no longer be a problem. Without a queen, the entire colony will die off within a week or two.

Once you’ve taken steps to kill the egg-laying menace, you will want to protect yourself from future problems. Ants invade your home to find greasy foods, sweets, and water. Place open bags and boxes of food in airtight containers. Clean up the crumbs and grease splatters from every surface including stovetops, along baseboards, and behind appliances. By keeping a clean galley, and using ant bait, your egg problems will be over. Now you can relax and make yourself that nice omelet.