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  • Adhesive strips these aint.
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    While they provide a good idea on putting the bait where you need it. The half square centimeter of adhesive backing, sticks to nothing other than glass.

    If you actually want to use these under a shelf, be sure to bring the tape, because they do not stick. The idea is great, the execution terrible.

  • Impressed
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    I had ants in my living room. They kept appearing on my recliner and coffee table. I was uncertain about these strips but tried them. At first they did not find the strip that I placed next to the recliner. So I caught two ants and placed them onto the bait. A minute later ants were arriving to the bait. Because of this, I was able to follow the ants back to where they were congregating, under the recliner in my semi-shag rug. I moved the trap to that area and they went after the trap. The next morning all of the ants were gone except for about three or four casualties! I am assuming that they brought the bait to the colony. So far I am impressed. It was easy to do and so far effective. I was just tempted to kill the ants in the trap and on the floor next to it... but.... just let it ride.

  • Amazing
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    After trying Raid Ant Bait with no success, I saw these bait strips in Wal-Mart and decided to buy a pack. I put one strip down in the bathroom (I wasn't quite sure where the ants were coming from but had frequently been seeing some under the register in there.) Within an hour I came back to see if anything had happened and there were at least 20+ ants in the bait, within another 30 minutes I checked again, there were so many ants that others couldn't even get in. I put another one down next to that one and checked another hour later and it was filled with ants, so I put the remaining 3 down around the first 2. All 5 were full of ants within the following hour. A few hours later I checked and all the ants were gone. Its been almost 24 hours now and I haven't seen a single ant in any of our rooms! And there are no more ants in the bait. I absolutely love these strips!

    The only thing that I could complain about is the adhesive on the back, it doesn't really stick that well but I had mine on the floor so that didn't matter at all, and it won't affect the 5 stars I'm giving it because the bait itself is so amazing. Definitely, definitely recommend!

  • Really does the job
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    These kill the ants in no time but I think the sticky strip needs work. It doesn't stick so well. Maybe a foam padded sticky strip on the back would work better. I'm still giving 5 stars because the ants are gone!!!!

  • After trying everything... THIS WORKED!
    Your rating: 5

    We had been battling ants on our kitchen counter for close to a month, we tried different products and the ants kept coming. Seen these new Combat strips in the store and I thought I would try one more time. Within 24 hours we seen a reduction in ants, within 48 hours NO ants.. It has been almost a week ant free!!! Awesome product, we just set 3 of them along the back of the counter and they worked wonders.


  • Amazing!
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    I bought a new home spring of 2012. I moved in during the Month of May, I soon discovered ants were a problem. I am not talking little tiny ants
    I mean big ants. Last year I purchased several ant traps. I have a big dog, I needed to keep the traps away from him so he wouldn't eat them.
    It took over 2 months to be rid of the ants.

    First warm day of spring this year here came the ants. I was at a Dollar General Store and I seen the Combat Ant Strips
    They only had one box. I thought "Why not give them a try" They do need more adhesive but I stuck all five of those up
    in no time at all ants covered one strip completely, few hours later the ants were gone. I haven't seen an ant since, that was a week
    ago. I want to buy another box to keep on hand just in case or to have next spring.

  • Amazing!!
    Your rating: 4

    This product works super fast! We had a few ants in our bathroom and used a few of these. After about 30 minutes, dozens of ants were covering the traps, and then after a few hours, they had all completely left and we haven't seen one since.

    My only issue is that the sticky part used to place them on walls isn't very sticky, but on the floor? Very effective nonetheless.

  • Work Great
    Your rating: 5

    These work great I ahve tried every product out there and these things finally got rid of my ant problem and they are great to stick in odd places the only thing I would suggest is making the adhesive a little stronger we put them under litchen cabinets and they did not want to stick to the rough wood

  • It works!
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    I have tried dozens of ant bait products and this one works FAST! I put a few out and within an hour, those little devils were all over it. SOME tried to take the bait back but died on the way. I'll definitely get more of these!

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