Prevention Tips


Bugs often come in from outside, so controlling this area is your first line of defense. Prevent ants and roaches from entering your home with these helpful tips:

Seal gaps around doors, windows, and where utility lines enter the home.
Screen or seal drain lines and sewer vents that lead to your home.
Keep areas around your home clear of thick, dead vegetation which outdoor ants and roaches like to live in.
Seal your home by keeping door and window screens in good repair.
To create a barrier against insects, keep areas where insects like to hide away from your home. Keep mulch, shrubs and trees at least one foot away from the walls of your home and stack firewood away from the sides of the house.
Fill tree holes, which outdoor insects can use as nesting sites, with cement.


The inside of a home could be a haven for insects like ants and roaches if it is not kept clean and free of debris. Areas with food, water and dark spaces to hide are ideal environments for roaches and ants to live. Below are a few prevention tips for securing the inside of your home.


Keep the trash can closed, clean, and emptied regularly.
On top and beneath the refrigerator is warm and attracts insects. Clean these areas regularly, as crumbs tend to collect here.
Ants and roaches tend to gather and hide near water, so be sure to repair any leaks beneath the sink, and on the sink top, immediately.
Ants and roaches tend to gather beneath the baseboards and underneath the stove, so be sure to clean this area regularly and keep it crumb and liquid free.
All food should be stored in glass, plastic or metal containers with airtight lids in order to keep insects out.
All drawers, shelves and cabinets should be properly lined and damage should be repaired immediately to ensure insects aren’t hiding here. Keep lining paper flat so that insects cannot hide beneath it.


Did you know that you can control and prevent insects by following just a few important precautions? Here are some helpful prevention and protection tips to keep invaders out and control the problem before it starts.

Store all food in airtight containers so ants and cockroaches will not have anything to eat.
Clean surfaces to remove any food residue.
Clean surfaces to remove any food residue.
Rinse all empty food and beverage containers.
Do not leave dirty dishes and utensils in the sink.
Sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor regularly to reduce food particles and crumbs.
Close all exterior openings and cracks with a good silicone caulk.
Keep vegetation from touching the outside of the home or building.

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