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Africanized Bees

Most Common Types

Africanized honey bees, commonly known as killer bees, are a hybrid of the Western honey bee species (Apis mellifera). These hybrid bees are far more defensive than other type of bees.

What They Look Like

Africanized bees look similar to Western honey bees. Only experts can tell the difference.

Where They Live

Africanized bees are expected to be the most hazardous in the southern states of the U.S. like Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and Southern California. These dangerous bees have also been located in Nevada, Utah, Louisiana, and Arkansas too.

Where They Nest

Africanized honey bees nest in their hives. They construct their hives in holes, trees or roofs. These bees thrive off swimming pools, hot tubs, and pet water dishes.

Steps to Prevent

To prevent bees from creating a hive in your house or yard, caulk all cracks in walls and put window screen over drains. Make sure to keep shed doors closed and monitor all water sources.

Are They Harmful?

Africanized bees are nicknamed “killer bees” because, compared to honey bees, they require less provocation to attack and they will travel in greater numbers and for longer distances to protect their nests. Stay away from Africanized bee hives and contact a pest control specialist if you find one.