Argentine Ant


How to exterminate them

The key to exterminating ants is to kill the entire colony. If you just spray the ants you see, more ants will continue to reappear in search for a source of water and food that they can bring back to share with the queen and other ants in the colony. Combat® products provide the source kill you need and are a guaranteed solution! Use Combat® Source Kill Max Ant Baits in common areas where you see ants and Combat® Ant Killing Gel in cracks and crevices or places where ants might enter the home. Click here to learn more about how Combat® works to kill at the source.

Where they live

Argentine Ants are commonly found in the Southern United States.

What they look like

Argentine Ants are medium sized, approximately 1/8 inch long, and their coloring is light to dark brown. When crushed, they emit a musty odor.

Where they nest

Argentine Ants have very large colonies with up to millions of workers and hundreds of queens. They often travel in wide, distinct trails. Argentine Ant colonies are commonly located in shallow nests in mulch, at the base of plants, beneath stones or wood, and in garbage piles. During the cooler months, Argentine Ants will nest in open areas where the nest can be warmed by the sun. During warm months, they will move the nest to shaded areas.

What they eat

Argentine Ants feed mostly on sugar water in the form of nectar from plants and honeydew from plant-sucking insects such as aphids, scales, and mealybugs. They also feed on both live and dead insects. They forage for food both day and night.

Steps to prevent an invasion

Because of their large colonies, Argentine Ants are difficult to control. To help protect your home from invasion, keep mulch and plants (where Argentine Ants like to nest) at least 1 foot away from your home. Seal exterior cracks where ants could enter. To discourage ants from coming indoors, repair water leaks, do not over water plants, clean up food spills, store food in tightly-sealed containers, and don’t leave out pet food.

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