Why do ants swarm in sidewalk cracks

As Summer brings the heat, you have probably noticed swarms of ants spilling out of sidewalk cracks and crawling all over the pavement. Maybe you have wondered what it is about summer heat that brings all the ants out in full force, and what, if anything, needs to be done about them.

Ants on the Move

A lot of ants travel along sidewalks and paved surfaces, but not all of them are considered true pavement ants. Pavement ants tend to live under – you guessed it – paved and concrete surfaces, due to their preference for dry soil with plenty of air.

Like many other animal and insect species, the pavement ant breeds in late Spring or early Summer. Ant colonies are established by the newly mated female ants (queens) and grow quickly as the arrival of the hatched ants within the colony creates the demand for resources to support the increased numbers. As a result, large groups of ants begin traveling out of the colony to forage for food to support the new ants. Pavement ants seek foods that are sugary and sweet, as well as greasy foods. You will notice swarms of ants moving over the pavement, typically all going in the same direction towards a delicious food source.

Will Your House Become the New Ant Colony?

If you see pavement ants swarming near your house, be aware that these ants on the move could very well decide on your home or yard as an attractive destination. Cracks in your walls, patio or foundation may become the new entry point of foraging ants. If you do not take appropriate precautions, they could use these small cracks to enter your home

Stop Ants From Getting In

In order to stop ants from entering or setting up shop near your home, the first step to take is to seal visible cracks and to minimize access to potential food and water sources. However, these precautions can be difficult to implement completely. Pavement ants are tiny, and it can be impossible to locate and seal every single small crack where they can penetrate.

To maximize your defenses against potential ant invasions, use Combat® Gels and Baits around the perimeter of your home and other structures such as sheds and garages. Combat® Baits and Gels contain powerful insecticides that can get rid of entire colonies quickly and efficiently. Gels are easy to apply to cracks where ants tend to migrate, while bait stations can be placed wherever you have noticed groups of ants.

Summer is a time of particularly high risk for ant infestations, as pavement ants increase their numbers and travel to find new homes in the cracks of concrete or paved structures. Combat® ant killing gels and baits are a powerful weapon that will help you guard your home against ants.