Why do ants get in cars

Your car is one of the last places you’d expect to find an army of ants, but it is more common than you might think. The pest professionals at Combat® are here to let you know why you have ants in your car and what you can do to not only get rid of them, but also keep them from driving you insane in the future.

A Method to the Infestation Madness

Just as you have to keep your home clean to keep roaches, ants, mice and all other pests out, the same is true of your car. Be sure you get rid of loose food wrappers and containers and that you vacuum your car out if you eat in it. Even if you don’t eat in your car, you can still have a problem with ants. The reason for this is that ants might simply be scoping out your car to see if there’s any loot to be found. This is likely to happen if you either park on an anthill or close to areas ants frequent.

If you had to choose between having ants in your car and ants in your home, you’d be better off with ants in your car. The reason for this is that ants don’t normally build nests in cars, meaning you’ll likely take care of the problem if you eliminate sources of food from your vehicle and the ants you currently have.

And Stay Out

Once you’ve given the ants the boot, be sure you regularly clean the inside of your car. Be mindful that ants are small, which means they can hide in the smallest of spaces. You’ll want to be extremely thorough while vacuuming, leaving no mat unturned or unvacuumed. Simply moving your car from where you normally park or being more mindful of where you park in the future also goes a long way in keeping ants from your vehicle’s interior.

There’s already enough to pay attention to while you’re behind the wheel. There’s no need to add ants to the equation. Make sure that ants don’t crop up while you’re on the road.