Why do ants come out in the spring

You may have noticed that ants are more frequent visitors to your home during the springtime, perhaps more than any other season. When the weather starts showing signs of warming up, ants generally show up each year just as regularly as Mother’s Day. This phenomenon is nothing new, but it does help to understand how ants work and why they might be interested in moving in with you each March or April.

So why do ants come out in the spring and how can this knowledge help to prevent an infestation?

Warm Weather Is When the Ants Start Marching In

It seems that the whole animal kingdom gets going in the springtime, when hibernation is over and food becomes more plentiful. Ants are driven to find a place that is warm in the night and has plenty of easily accessible food and water resources for them. If that sounds like your house, then you may be in trouble. Ants also seek shelter from the hot sun and the Spring rains by entering into human homes. Once ants discover a reliable food source, whether that means crumbs left out on the counter or fruit for them to feed on, they are likely to keep returning to that place.

How to Combat® Spring Ant Infestations

When the warm weather of Spring drives ants inside to look for food, it is important that you be prepared by keeping your food storage, preparation and dining areas very clean and free from food particles. The sweeter the food, the more ants are generally attracted to it, so watch out for sugar and honey spills or fruit juice that has been left out on the table. Eliminating your food and water sources is the first step in nipping Spring ant infestations in the bud.

Ants are pros at finding any small crevice or crack in the walls, doors or foundation of your home and making it their personal entryway. Caulking up the insulation around your home, dealing with holes and gaps in windows and reinforcing your exterior walls may be helpful in minimizing your ant problem.

While the approach of Spring assures us that ants may be on their way, you can be prepared this year by choosing Combat® Baits and Gels as your pest control solution. Explore more about these slow-acting, ant control methods by checking out our extensive database of pest control tips.