Why are cockroaches in my dishwasher

Have you opened your dishwasher recently to see an unwelcome cockroach hanging around your dishes? We won’t tell if you let out a bit of a scream, as those little pests can certainly jumpstart your heart, but we can tell you why they keep congregating in your dishwasher.

Cockroaches Love Dark Places

Cockroaches love the dark. They don’t have human eyes, so no light is necessary for them to thrive. In fact, that’s why you have probably seen these creatures scurrying under furniture or even into small cracks in your wall. The dark is a perfect habitat for cockroaches, and your dishwasher always has a little shade even when it’s open. Plus, there can be just enough room to hide if that little cockroach is smart.

Cockroaches Love Damp Places

Your dishwasher is naturally going to be a little damp. When people have cockroach problems, one of the first suggestions is to get rid of any possible source of standing water. However, with your dishwasher, it’s a bit of an unavoidable problem. If you have a drying mechanism it might save you, but that can mean an increase in your electricity bill.

Cockroaches Love Food Residue

Like any animal, cockroaches love to eat, and food scraps are their favorite. Cockroaches are infamous for loving low-hygiene areas with food residue. If you frequently leave your dishes in the dishwasher and wait for them to fill the machine, it’s almost like an amusement park for these little pests. Essentially, your dishwasher is the ideal cockroach home, but luckily you have plenty of options to get rid of these creatures.

What Do You Do?

When you notice a cockroach problem in your dishwasher, it’s time to take action. What should you do?

  • Clean your dishwasher: Remove any food particles that might be trapped in the nooks and crannies. Run the machine empty with a high heat cycle afterwards.
  • Vacuum: Cockroaches can leave a residue of their own so discourage their return by removing the debris with a vacuum.
  • Place Combat® Bait: Combat® Strips, Bait Stations and Gels all kill the infestation at the source. Once you lay the bait, the cockroaches will take it back to their homes, and you can say goodbye to any roach family members.

Next time you see a cockroach, don’t panic. Get ready to do a little cleaning and set a few Combat® stations. You will have any possible infestation under control in no time.