Which Combat® ant killing product is right for me?

Ants can certainly be a pesky problem, whether found nearby outside your home or within it. Since ants live in large colonies, you can bet when one or two are seen, plenty more of their friends and family are right around the corner. Therefore, it is important to take action as quickly as possible after you notice an ant problem starting to develop.

Combat® is here to help, offering a wide range of ant killing products to help meet your specific needs. In large part, the type of product you should choose depends on how many ants you see, as well as the kind of location in which you are finding them. Please learn more about Combat Bait Strips, Gel Baits, and Bait Stations to determine which will best help eliminate your ant problem once and for all.

Combat® Bait Strips

Combat® Bait Strips are a particularly effective form of ant extermination because of their chemical composition. Formulated to provide both a food and water source in addition to a powerful insecticide, ants are lured to the bait and then take it back home with them, sharing the bait with both the queen and larvae. The poison spreads throughout the colony. Extermination begins in just a few hours.

Bait Strips are especially useful in difficult or hard-to-reach areas. You can apply the strips discreetly. Recommended placement ideas include behind the toilet, under the refrigerator, inside cabinetry, beneath the stove, on the underside of trash can lids, and along window seals, as a few examples.

Combat® Gel Baits

Like the bait strips, ants take Combat’s Gel Bait back to their colony, where the insecticide quickly begins to take lethal effect. Gel baits are perfect for creating a barrier where ants normally enter the home. These entrances can include crevices and cracks in walls, floors, and windowpanes, as well as any other narrow openings where a normal bait station or bait strip might not fit properly.

Application is simple; simply touch the tip of Combat® Gel syringe to the surface and insert the gel in areas of known or suspected ant activity. However, be sure to fully read the instructions that come with Combat® Gel prior to use.

Combat® Bait Stations

Combat® Bait Stations contain one of the fastest acting ant killing ingredients available on the market today. Bait Stations are easy. Drop a station anywhere you have seen ant activity. Results are often visible almost immediately. Combat® Max Bait Stations are child-resistant and mess free!

To learn more about how to conquer ant attacks in the future, visit our ant Prevention Tips page.