Small roaches vs. large roaches

Imagine turning the kitchen light on and being confronted by a hissing cockroach over 3" long and weighing more than a common AA battery. Yikes! Fortunately, an insect like the Giant Hissing Cockroach isn’t too likely to show up in your neighborhood. You’re more likely to encounter only four or five of the 50 species of roaches common to North America, and they’re typically less than 2 inches in length.

Within the most common cockroach species in the U.S., there are typically two different sizes of roaches you’re likely to encounter. Roaches over one inch in length are considered “large roaches” (American and Oriental cockroaches) while cockroaches smaller than ½ of an inch (German and Brown Banded cockroaches) are categorized as “small roaches.”

Spotting small roaches in your home likely indicates an infestation. Here are three indications you have a cockroach problem:

  • Seeing even one small cockroach almost always indicates there are many more
  • Finding bug droppings (which look like pepper or coffee grounds) and shell casings under sinks, along floor boards, and near indoor garbage cans
  • The presence of a strong, very oily odor, which will become extremely pungent when large numbers of the insects are present

Large or small, roach control starts by exterminating cockroaches at the source. Combat® Baits, Gels and Killing Bait Strips offer water and carbohydrate-rich attractants that draw cockroaches in and allow them to bring the bait back to the nest – ultimately killing at the source.

To learn more about exterminating cockroaches at their source and learn great tips to prevent cockroach infestations, visit our Pest Control strategy page.