Prevent an attack with argentine ant control

With over 12,000 species of ants around the world, it can be hard to tell what type of ants you are dealing with. Argentine Ants are prominent in the Southern United States and are medium sized ants. They are approximately 1/8 inch long, and they range from light to dark brown in color. Combat® Baits and Gels kill Argentine Ants from the source, and eliminate the entire colony. Should you have an ant problem, Combat® can begin working within hours to get rid of the nest.

You don’t want to have an Argentine Ant colony near your home, because their large colonies can consist of millions of workers with hundreds of queens. Luckily you should be able to see them coming, since they travel in wide, distinct trails.

Argentine Ants build colonies in shallow areas like under mulch, at the base of plants, beneath stones or wood, and in garbage piles. Their nesting preferences change based on the weather. During warmer months, they’ll build colonies in shaded areas. This changes during winter months as they’ll nest in areas that can be warmed by the sun.

Sweet food sources, such as sugar water and honeydew from plant-sucking insects, entice Argentine Ants. Although sweet foods are what typically attract this type of ant, they’ll also feed off both live and dead insects. Their feeding times are inconsistent, as they’ll scour for food during the day and night.

An infestation of Argentine Ants can occur when multiple large colonies are connected. Since each colony can contain millions of ants, a single colony can populate an entire city block. Taking preventative measures is crucial in preventing an attack of Argentine Ants on your home.

Keeping plants and mulch at least one foot away from the perimeter of your house is helpful in creating a barrier between Argentine Ants and your home. The further away they are from entry points to your home, the less likely they are to enter. Argentine Ants are known to invade homes, so sealing every crack and crevice is crucial to keeping them out. If ants do manage to enter your home, do not give them additional reasons to stick around. Cleaning up any food spills, repairing water leaks, and putting away pet food are all simple measures to discourage ants from staying in your home.

Due to the size of their colonies, Argentine Ants can be difficult to control. Following prevention tips and taking action quickly will help. To win the battle though, use Combat® Baits and Gels to kill from the source and eliminate the entire nest.