How to protect your self-storage unit from ants and roaches

Your belongings could be collecting more than dust after sitting for months in a typical storage unit. The last thing you want greeting you at the door when you finally return are ants and roaches happily nesting away in your extra bedding.

Whether you’re already renting a storage unit or are about to, these eight tips will help keep the ants and cockroaches out of your stuff.

  1. If you haven’t moved into the unit yet, make sure to sweep it thoroughly to remove any food-type substances that might attract ants and roaches, such as old candy wrappers, crumbs and empty food containers.
  2. Once you’ve cleaned the unit out, place Combat® Baits along baseboards and in corners. Combat® Baits and Gels can help keep your unit insect-free by eliminating ants and roaches at their source.
  3. Examine the unit’s walls and baseboards for holes and cracks. Ants and roaches can gain entry through openings as slim as a credit card. Fill these cracks and crevices with Combat® Gel to prevent outside insects from getting in.
  4. Remove areas of moisture in and around your unit, as moisture attracts pests. Eliminate areas where water may collect and stagnate near your unit after a heavy rainfall. Ensure any gutters and downspouts are properly functioning and flow away from your unit.
  5. Have furniture like sofas and chairs, professionally steam cleaned to remove food stains and debris. At the very least, ensure you vacuum up all crumbs and food particles left in the furniture’s crevices. If possible, wrap each piece entirely in the type of clear plastic professional movers use so that bugs won’t be able set up home in the cushions.
  6. Be sure to thoroughly clean all appliances, especially all food preparation appliances like toasters, microwave ovens and dishware. Food left on small appliances or pans invite problems you don't want. Without a food source, there’s nothing to attract ants or roaches.
  7. Place storage boxes and other smaller items on pallets raised above the floor of the unit.
  8. Visit your storage unit regularly to change out the Combat® Baits and refresh the Combat® Gel. If you happen to notice signs of ant or roach infestation around other storage units in the building, contact the facility manager immediately and work with him or her to eliminate the infestation immediately.

It doesn’t take much for an ant or cockroach infestation to flare up. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much effort to prevent one either. Especially with Combat® Ant and Roach baits and gels on your side. Explore the Combat® website for more great tips, advice and helpful information.