How to protect your garage from ants and roaches

For most homes, the garage tends to become the catchall storage unit for household necessities that we don’t want to keep in the house such as pet food, holiday decorations, and even trash cans. The problem is, these things attract ants and roaches, and give them a place to nest, turning your garage into a gateway area for insects to enter the house.

The best way to keep ants and roaches from setting up home in your house is to keep them out of the garage. Follow these seven steps to protect your garage from ants and roaches.

  • 1. Start with the outside of the garage. Make sure dead brush or debris isn’t piled against the foundations or the outside walls. Branches and other foliage touching the outside walls can act as a channel for insects to crawl though openings such as cracks and windows.
  • 2. Keep your garage clean and orderly, and regularly sweep out dust and debris that naturally accumulates on the floor. Additionally, you should also place Combat® baits along baseboards and in the corners. Combat® can help keep your garage pest free by eliminating ants and roaches at their source.
  • 3. Look around the walls and baseboards for holes and cracks. Ants and roaches can gain entry through very slim openings. Fill these crevices with Combat® gel to prevent outside insects from getting in. You should also seal spaces around windows and doors with weather stripping, and fix any broken panes and seal openings under the eaves.
  • 4. Warmth and moisture are the biggest attractants for ants and roaches. Eliminate any areas of standing water, such as around leaky pipes as well as areas where moisture may collect after a heavy rainfall. And ensure gutters and downspouts are properly functioning, directing water away from your house and garage.
  • 5. Do not leave or store open food, such as pet food, in the garage, even temporarily. You would be amazed how fast a line of ants will find their way to that food. Even dry food in bags or boxes can come under attack by ants and cockroaches quickly. If you must store food in the garage, keep it tightly sealed in storage bins.
  • 6. Don't allow clutter to accumulate. Roaches love to nest in anything from paper to clothing. If you must store boxes in the garage, place them on pallets or shelving units so that they are not sitting on the garage floor.
  • 7. It’s best not to store garbage cans inside the garage. But if you do, always keep the trashcan lids on tight, and be sure to empty the cans weekly.

It doesn’t take much for an ant or cockroach infestation to take over your garage. You can, however, use Combat® Ant & Roach baits to help prevent an ant or cockroach problem. Explore the Combat® website for more great tips, advice and helpful information.