How to get rid of ants in the bathroom

The moment you find ants in your bathroom, it’s time for action. Don’t let those insects take over the space you’ve worked so hard to decorate and keep clean. Luckily, getting rid of that moving black line doesn’t require extensive fumigation or anything too drastic. In fact, fixing the problem can be as simple as ordering a round of Combat® Baits and waiting a few days for problem to disappear.

Find the Cause of the Problem

Ants are attracted to your bathroom, but why? Go to your bathroom and look for three things: food, moisture and pungent odors. For a helpful hint, follow the ants’ line and figure out where they are coming from and what they are moving towards. These pests are attracted to stagnant water and unattended messes, so make sure you check under and behind your bathroom fixtures. Seal any open cracks or crevices in your walls or tiles to eliminate their point of entry. Also, fix leaking water pipes and don’t be afraid to give your bathroom a fresh cleaning just to be safe.

Lay the Bait

Luckily, there are effective home techniques for getting rid of ants of almost any species. If you aren’t sure what kind of ants are in your bathroom, pay attention to their size and color and do a bit of research. Conversely, choose a bait product that will work well for multiple species native to your area. Try these baits for your ant issue:

  • Bait stations: If you have small children, bait stations are ideal because they are both child-resistant and effective. Worker ants carry the bait back to the queen, which will eliminate the entire colony. Replace every six weeks to three months for continued ant control.
  • Gel: Gel options are easy to apply directly to crevices or hard to reach places. After just three to five days, the entire colony will be eliminated.
  • Bait strips: Bait strips begin working in hours and like the above options, will kill the entire colony. They are easy to apply and can be replaced every month for consistent ant control.

While these baits are extremely effective, you should contact a professional exterminator if your ant problem persists. However, most bathroom ant issues can be cured with a few baits and a quick cleaning. Remember, find the cause of the problem before you set the baits to ensure you can enact a thorough prevention plan.