Ants 101 - learn how to get rid of ants

Learn how to get rid of ants: when ants invade your home, it’s time to battle. As one of the most pesky and unpredictable pests, it’s incredibly important to prevent ants up front, but even more important to eliminate them properly once they’ve entered your home.

The first step to get rid of ants at the source is to identify your pest. While there are over 12,000 species of ants throughout the world, the most common types of ant species in the United States are the Argentine, Odorous House, Carpenter, Fire, Pavement and Pharaoh Ants. Find out more about each of these species in detail by visiting our Ant Identifier page.

Once you’ve identified your ants, it’s important to take care of the problem properly. Ants are typically attracted to sweet, greasy and high protein foods, but each species has different preferences. Combat® Ant products cater to all of those preferences, and both ant baits and ant gels are available.

One common misconception is to immediately clean countertops and floors where ants are found. When using Combat® products, it’s important not to do this right away, but rather to only wipe up the food crumbs or spills. Because ants use chemical trails to mark their travel to the food source, Combat® ant baits should replace the wiped spill so that ants will follow the same trail directly to the bait – thus, reaching a large portion of the colony helping get rid of ants entirely.

Once the ant problem is eliminated, it is vital to deplete and remove their resources. Cleanup of all food spills and crumbs throughout the house will help minimize the chances of ants coming back. Visit our Prevention Tips page for a full list of precautions to safeguard your home against ants.