5 habits that prevent cockroaches from living in your dorm room

When you are in college, the last thing you are going to want to worry about is dealing with pesky cockroaches in your dorm room. Unfortunately, though, dorm rooms are very often havens of food and shelter for roaches that enter in from the outside and feast on forgotten crumbs, sources of open juice or water, and other sweet treats. By keeping up with a few of the good habits below, you can safely and effectively eliminate cockroaches from your dorm room and enjoy roach-free college life.

1. Pick up your clutter.

Cockroaches thrive in messy, cluttered areas where they have lots of places to hide undiscovered. Think about those piles of laundry you might have lying around or those stacks of old class notes that are just waiting to house a family of roaches. Eliminating these areas can be a first step in making your dorm room inhospitable to roaches.

2. Seal your food tightly.

Roaches love being able to snack freely, especially after you have gone to class. Store your food properly, making sure non perishables are carefully put away in airtight containers and perishables are put into a dorm-sized fridge or cooler.

3. Clean up after yourself.

Dusting and vacuuming regularly may not be your favorite weekend activity, but it is necessary if you want to rid your room of roaches. Roaches are most attracted to dirty, messy environments where they can hide among dust balls and clumps of hair. Create a clean space, and they many not want to be there any longer.

4. Eliminate liquid sources.

If you have a habit of leaving cups of water, juice or other beverages out at all times, it is time to rethink this strategy and make sure all liquid sources are cleaned up. Roaches will often take advantage of any beverages that you leave out during the night, so by emptying all your cups and dishes every day you will force them to go elsewhere to quench their thirst.

5. Use baits and gels to seal the deal.

The Combat® variety of bait strips, stations and gels works specifically on roaches to eliminate their whole populations for the long term. They are quick and convenient even for busy college students, and can easily be placed under beds, in between desks and in other hard-to-access places.

Since dorm rooms can be the ideal environment for roaches that are seeking food, water and housing, it is important to follow the tips above to get rid of these pests for good.