Combat Max® Defense System Brand Roach Killing Bait & Roach Killing Gel
Combat Max® Defense System Brand Roach Killing Bait & Roach Killing Gel

Combat Max® Defense System Brand Roach Killing Bait & Roach Killing Gel

Starts killing overnight.

Kills roaches you see and those you don't.

Protects your home against roaches.

Kills roaches 24/7 for up to 6 months.

The Combat Max® Defense System Brand is designed for complete cockroach extermination and prevention. Combat Max® Small Roach Baits and Combat Max® Roach Killing Gel is the perfect combination—use bait stations in common places where roaches appear, and use gel in cracks and crevices where they hide. The Combat Max® Defense System Brand starts working in hours to exterminate roaches and helps keep infestation under control for up to 6 months.

Package includes 12 bait stations and 12g syringe of roach killing gel.

Active Ingredient: Fipronil

Active Ingredient: Fipronil

These easy to use, no mess baits need no activation. Simply place them down and relax as they continuously target the source of the problem day and night.

Use form-fitting gel behind appliances and in cracks and crevices where roaches make their nests or enter your home.

Numerous smaller placements will provide faster control than a fewer larger spots, especially for German cockroach control.

Even works for severe infestations.

NOTE: It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Do not apply baits or gel to areas recently sprayed with insecticide, and do not spray insecticide over baits or gel as this may make the bait ineffective.

For Indoor Use


  • 1. Use all baits. Break baits apart. Do not remove or puncture the labels on bait stations.
  • 2. Place baits wherever you have seen roaches, then additional baits about 1½ feet away.
  • 3. Place baits carefully so they are touching walls or corners. Replace all 12 baits every 6 months, or sooner if roaches return.

Do not apply gel to surfaces where food is handled or prepared. Do not contaminate food or utensils with gel.

  • 1. Remove cap, touch tip to surface and depress plunger. For first application, apply gel in 4 dime-sized spots or several 1½ to 6-inch strips per square yard. Recap tube after use.
  • 2. Place many spots of gel near areas of roach traffic and suspected nesting areas, as well as cracks and crevices.
  • 3. Inspect gel after 1 month and reapply if no longer visible. Refresh with a new application after 3 months. Clean up gel with a damp paper towel and discard towel after use.

roach enters bait image

Roaches enter bait station and eat the bait.

gel application image

The gel attracts roaches in search of food and water to the bait.

roach leaves bait image

Roaches take the bait back to the nest.

dead roaches image

Roaches share the bait with other roaches, killing other roaches and destroying the nest.