apartment building cockroach prevention

Cockroaches are notoriously hardy, and they can be all about equal opportunity when it comes to spreading throughout apartment buildings. If one resident has roaches, there’s a good chance they will find their way to your space, too, no matter what floor it is on. That’s why a group effort is best for fighting cockroaches and preventing their arrival in the first place. Combat® has created this list of best practices for keeping roaches from moving into your apartment complex.


One place to start when it comes to keeping roaches out of your apartment complex is to look for places on the exterior where they might be able to get in. Of course, it is the manager’s job to address issues, but you can certainly point out problems if you see them. There should be no exterior holes that serve as entry points, and bushes should not be touching the building. Ask the manager to caulk gaps around the foundation and windows and trim back shrubs.

On the interior of the apartments, there is lots of advice you can share with other residents if your building has a roach problem. Everyone should keep food debris cleaned up and dirty dishes out of the sink as much as possible. Roaches can climb through plumbing fixtures and will be happy to find a feast in a sink overflowing with dishes. Food containers should be airtight, and water spills must be cleaned up immediately. Residents should be vacuuming their apartments regularly to make sure food crumbs are not lying around.


Despite residents’ best efforts, if roaches set up shop in your apartment complex, there is a full line of Combat® Baits and Gels that can be safely and effectively used to fight the problem. For crevices and crack where bugs might be entering the building, a bait gel will be the best option. Bait stations can be placed throughout the apartment, especially dark, hidden places. The roaches will take the bait back to their nests, and the whole population can be eliminated. Finally, bait strips allow for targeted and discreet placement in your apartment. These are a good choice if you know your neighbor has roaches, but you haven’t spied any in your space yet.


It will take diligence to prevent roaches from taking over apartment complex. You have to do your part as well, and you can encourage your neighbors to follow the right prevention steps too.