Roach Prevention Tips

Inside, Outside and General

Roach Prevention Tips

Cockroaches are invasive insects. They look for any opportunity to get into your home, in their everlasting quest for warmth, food and water. Odds are, if you see one in your house, there are more hiding in the dark spaces inside and outside your home. The first line of defense against roach infestations is ensuring you have a roach prevention plan. Here, we outline a few helpful tips for how to prevent roaches from your home.


Roaches come from the outside looking for food, water and warmth. Preventing roaches from getting into you home from the outside is your first line of defense. Follow these helpful tips to ensure your home is protected from roaches coming in from the outside:

  • Roaches can use empty tree holes for nesting sites. Fill these with cement to keep roaches out!
  • Ensure your doors and windows are free from cracks.
  • Keep areas around your home clear of thick, dead vegetation which outdoor roaches like to live in.
  • Screen or seal around where utility lines, drain lines and sewer vents lead to or enter your home.
  • Don't let mulch, shrubs or trees directly touch the outside your home. Keep vegetation and firewood at least one foot away from your walls.
  • Seal gaps around doors and windows, as these are easy entry points for roaches.


The inside of your home is the ideal habitat for roaches. Full of water, food and warmth, as well as dark spaces to hide, if roaches can get in - they will! And if you haven't prepared the outside of your home, it's important to prevent roaches from infesting the inside with a few of these tips:

Preventing Roaches from Getting in Your Kitchen

  • All drawers, shelves and cabinets should be properly lined and damage should be repaired immediately to ensure roaches aren’t hiding here. Keep lining paper flat so that cockroaches cannot hide beneath it.
  • Roaches often times com inside your home for water, so leaky sinks and standing water in your home could draw roaches inside. Make sure to fix and dry these areas immediately to prevent roaches for coming in.
  • Uncovered food is an invitation for cockroaches. Keep all food stored in glass, plastic or adequately sealed containers with airtight lids in order to keep roaches - both large American and small German roaches - out.
  • On top and beneath the refrigerator is warm and attracts both small German and large American cockroaches. Make sure these areas are cleaned regularly - especially wiped clean from food crumbs and smudges.
  • Roaches are often looking for warmth, which means the baseboards under your stove could be a perfect hiding ground for cockroaches to gather and nest. Be sure to wipe underneath these areas frequently for crumbs and liquids.
  • Make sure your trash can is closed and clean, and emptied regularly.

Preventing Roaches from Getting in Your Bathroom

  • Keep wet towels and toothbrushes out of drawers and cabinets so that it does not attract roaches.
  • Roaches like moisture, so areas like the sink (on top and below), behind the toilet, and near the tub should be regularly inspected for leaks and condensation. Any cracks should be sealed right away.

Preventing Roaches from Getting in Your Living Room

  • Roaches often hide in firewood. Be sure to inspect all firewood for insects before bringing it into your home.
  • Food crumbs often collect in and around sofas and chairs. Be sure to vacuum and wipe down these areas often and check them for pests.
  • Roaches like warm places and may gather behind television sets or other electronics. Regularly check these areas for cockroaches hiding out.


Preventing roach infestations goes beyond the areas you commonly find them - your kitchen, your bathroom and outside your home. It's important to prevent roaches at every turn and control the problem before it starts.

  • Keep vegetation from touching the outside of the home or building, as this will make entry to your home harder for cockroaches.
  • Crumbs and liquid drops are feasts for roaches. Make sure to rinse all empty food and beverage containers.
  • Roaches are on the hunt for food, so store all food in airtight containers so cockroaches will not have anything to eat.
  • Close all exterior openings and cracks with a good silicone caulk.
  • Sweep and vacuum the kitchen floor regularly to reduce food particles and crumbs hidden from the naked eye.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes and utensils in the sink. Roaches entering from pluming systems will find these first.
  • Clean surfaces to remove any food residue.