Prevention Tips

Preparing Your First Line of Defense

Ant Prevention Tips

Ants are the ultimate team players. If you see one, there's bound to be more nearby, which is why it's so important to prevent ants from taking over your home - both outside and inside.


Ants outside your home can be problematic if they start encroaching on your personal space. Ants are scavengers and will make a quick assault inside if preventative measures aren't taken. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Mulch, shrubs and trees should be at least a foot away from the exterior home walls to prevent ants from crawling onto your home from branches or leaves.
  • Dead and dry vegetation is often where you'll find ant colonies. Clear any old vegetation from backyard and other outdoor areas immediately.
  • Seal gaps and cracks around doors and windows.


Ants are opportunistic scavengers, which makes the inside of your home a paradise for their needs. Ants are looking for food, warmth, water and safety, and the inside of your home is a perfect habitat for a thriving colony. While ant colonies in the home can be problematic, preventing an indoor infestation can be as simple as following a few easy prevention tips:

  • Uncovered food is the greatest beacon for the scout ant to find. Keep all food stored in glass, plastic or adequately sealed containers with airtight lids in order to keep ants out.
  • Ants will often find food crumbs below the refrigerator. Make sure these areas are cleaned regularly - especially wiped clean from food crumbs and smudges.
  • Make sure your trash can is closed and clean, and emptied regularly.