Tips & Strategies

To kill the nest

Combat bait stations, gel baits, and bait strips are effective when it comes to eliminating ant problems in your home. Most ant pests live on either sweets or protein and Combat kills both types.

Argentine Ants are of the sweet-eating variety. These ants originated in South America but are an invasive species which have established “mega-colonies” in the United States and elsewhere. The ants often enter structures in search of food and water and are seen foraging in distinctive trails. Slow-acting poisons like fipronil, found in Combat Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel and Ant Killing Bait Strips, and hydramethylnon, used in Combat Source Kill Ant Bait, are the ingredients used to kill Argentine Ants.

Other ants killed by Combat products include wood-munching Carpenter Ants, which are large and solid black, brown, red or a combination of black and orange. Combat also kills sweet-eating Pharaoh Ants, which are tiny, 1/16 inch-long, yellowish, and frequently found nesting and living indoors. Odorous House Ants, which emit a licorice-like smell when crushed are no match for Combat - and neither are grease-eating Thief Ants which are very small and can easily enter sealed packages of food.

Pavement Ants are extremely aggressive towards nest intruders, and will battle other colonies until death or injury occurs. They eat almost anything including seeds, honey, bread, meat, and nuts. Pavement Ants also love to eat Combat baits, which kills off their entire colony. Another common pest, little black ants, are native to North America. During mating season, winged queens and males take to the air to perform nuptial flights. Their offspring, when they invade kitchens and bathrooms, can be eliminated with Combat.