Tips & Strategies

To kill the nest

The best way to kill ants is to kill the entire colony at their source.

Most ant species do not nest indoors, but when food and water outside are in limited supply or when there are major shifts in the weather, ants will enter your home seeking refuge and resources. The key to exterminating ants is to kill the entire colony. If you just spray the ants you see, more ants will continue to reappear in search for a source of water and food. Combat® products provide the source kill you need and are a guaranteed solution!


How to Eliminate Ants From your Home:


  1. Ants travel on trails marked by chemical pheromones to lead other ants to the food or water source. With basic soap and water, you can remove the current trail they are following; however ants will create another trail if they find another source of food.
  2. Keep mulch and plants at least one foot away from your home and seal exterior cracks where ants could enter. To discourage ants from coming indoors, repair water leaks, do not over water plants, clean up food and liquid spills, store food in tightly-sealed containers, and don't leave out pet food.
  3. Use Combat® Source Kill Max Ant Baits in common areas where you see ants and Combat® Ant Gel in cracks and crevices or places where ants might enter the home. Ants will take the bait back to their colony, sharing the insecticide with other ant and the queen, and killing the entire colony.