Tips & Strategies

To kill the nest

Combat makes three easy to use and effective products that efficiently eliminate cockroaches and ants. All three of these products attract insect pests with food laced with two types of insecticide.

Combat gel is sold in a syringe which is used to easily apply the product into cracks and crevices around sewer pipes, utility lines, and other places where insects enter the home. Baits are small plastic stations that are placed around kitchens and bathrooms. Bait strips have an adhesive backing so they can be stuck to cabinet sides and other discreet locations around the home. Combat products attract insect pests with food laced with two types of insecticide. One insecticide Combat uses is fipronil - which disrupts the insect’s central nervous system, causing death within hours.

Fipronil is one of the fastest-acting ingredients available on the consumer market. It is best used when there are major infestations. Fipronil has a high secondary kill rate, meaning that the insects take the bait back to their colonies where it kills workers, larvae and, with ants, the queen. Another insecticide Combat employs is hydramethylnon, a slow-acting stomach poison. This insecticide is most effective for eliminating the source of an ant or roach infestation.

Hydramethylnon takes around 24 hours to work which allows the pests to take plenty of it back to the colony and share it with nest mates. Combat products with hydramethylnon, such as Source Kill for Large Roaches, Source Kill for Small Roaches, and Source Kill Ant Bait kill in a domino-effect fashion.