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With So Many Roach Killing Products on Store Shelves – Which is Right for Me?

When it comes to killing cockroaches, you have a lot of options, but how do you decide which products to use? There are several questions you should ask yourself when trying to choose cockroach killing products.


1. How Many Roaches Are There?


Small roaches are mostly active at night, so you may not see them until the population has grown to be significantly large when they venture out during the day for food and water sources.  If you’re seeing large roaches, that’s likely because they’ve entered your home from their nests outside to search for food or water.

If there are only a few roaches, then small-scale solutions such as a few bait strips can help address the problem. If you are dealing with a large amount of roaches, you’ll want to add a greater number of full-scale solutions such as potentially incorporating bait stations, bait strips, and gel.


2. Where Are They?


What area are you trying to eliminate the roaches? If the insects are inhabiting cracks and crevices in your home, a roach-killing gel can eliminate the pests as they enter. Then, be sure to caulk these cracks and crevices to remove their point of entry. In hard-to-reach areas such as the inside of cabinets or under furniture, you may want to try bait strips. For hidden locations such as the attic or under a sink, a bait station may be your best bet.


3. How Big Are They?


The size of the bugs reflects what type of roaches they are. Large roaches are a different species from small roaches, which means that they eat different foods and are attracted by different smells. The best bait is specialized for the type of cockroach that you’re fighting. Make sure that you get a bait that is specially formulated for the species in your home.


4. Are They Coming Back?


Do you have a recurring roach problem? If so, it’s time to eliminate them once and for all. Use pest control products that eliminate roaches from the source, not just the ones you can see.  Of course, all of these products should be combined with smart strategies to eliminate roach attractors and pathways into your home. Simple measures such as taking out the trash, cleaning up spills, and closing doors can help you win the battle against roaches.

To help you along the way, try our Plan of Attack tool. This online application asks you a few questions about your infestation and then provides a handy explanation of the best steps to take. In just a few minutes, you can figure out what products you should use and the best prevention strategies to keep them from returning.