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Why Combat Focuses on Ant and Cockroach Prevention

Running across ants or roaches inside of a home is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Whether you’ve recently discovered the little pests or you’ve been fighting them for a long time, you don’t have to lose your home and sanity in the process. It can be challenging to get rid of an ant or roach infestation, especially without the right tools. Combat Baits and Gels arm you with what you need to win the battle against an ant or cockroach infestation.

Ants and cockroaches are creatures of habit. Even though these critters are often drawn to homes and places where there is clutter, trash, and disarray, they have no problem moving into places that are clean and clutter-free. As long as they can find a source of food and water, your home could be the next ant and roach motel until further notice. Once you’ve seen one pest, there is a good chance that your home has an infestation that needs to be taken care of.

Our ant and cockroach products help prevent an infestation by exterminating the pesky pests before they have a chance to thrive in your home. You can also take other preventative measures to make your home less attractive to pests of all types, including emptying your trash cans frequently, eliminating sources of leaking water, and keeping your home free of spilled crumbs and food waste. Pair these efforts with Combat products to strengthen your defense.


Our Products


  • Combat Bait Stations – Our bait stations contain a delectable food laced with insecticide that ants and roaches can’t resist. Once an ant or roach eats the food, they’re infected and they go back to their nests to share it with their nest mates – killing them in a domino-like effect. Place Combat bait stations under your sinks, behind and under your appliances, and around toilets where roaches and ants are more likely to appear.
  • Combat Gels – Combat gels are a moist pliable solid form of defense that can be applied to cracks and crevices both inside and outside your home where you suspect ants and roaches are likely to enter. Use the syringe to easily apply the gel and start killing ants and roaches within hours. 
  • Combat Bait Strips – Our bait strips come with a peel-away backing that makes it easy for you to place them anywhere in a discreet manner, away from your kids and pets. Ideal places for Combat bait strips include trash can lids, under sinks, drawers, cupboards and underneath shelves.