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When and How to Use Bait Stations, Strips and Gel Around the Home

Whether you’ve seen actual ants or cockroaches in your home or you just have suspicions about their presence after spotting signs like wood shavings or roach droppings, you’re probably looking for a way to rid yourself of your pest problem before it worsens. Ants and cockroaches are unsightly and embarrassing, and their presence can lead to a broad range of additional problems, so it’s in the best interest of you and your entire family to remedy the problem as soon as you become aware of it.

Combat bait stations, bait strips and gels are designed for just this purpose, but you may not know the difference or when to use one method over another. Here’s a crash course on how to use these pest killers in the most effective manner.

The Lowdown on Bait Stations


Designed to last about three months, bait stations come ready to use. Simply place them in areas where ant or roach activity is common or suspected, such as in kitchen cabinets or behind appliances, and wait for the ants or roaches to carry the insecticide the bait station contains back to the nest where others will consume it and ultimately die.


The Lowdown on Bait Strips


Bait strips work in a very similar manner to bait stations. However, they come with an adhesive that means they can be placed in more spots than standard bait stations, which must remain upright. Bait strips can be placed along the sides of appliances, affixed to toilets, adhered to the underside of your kitchen cabinets and so on.


The Lowdown on Gel


Gel is another extremely effective method of remedying problems with ants and roaches. The most versatile of these pest-control options, gel can be applied to spots where bait stations and strips simply won’t work, such as in small cracks or crevices found in walls, drains or pipes. Like stations and strips, ants and roaches carry the pest-killing substance found in the gel back to the nests so it can work its way through the rest of the colony.

Regardless of the type of ant or roach killer you choose, the objective is to have the ants and roaches do most of the work for you. This involves carrying the toxins back to the nest where they will be ingested by the entire colony. For more about Combat’s options for targeting ants and roaches, or if you have any questions about what course of action will work best given your needs, visit our Prevention Tips page today.