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What You Need to Know About Holiday Roach Control

Of the many wonderful aspects the holiday season brings, the most enjoyable are the festive ways of satisfying our sweet tooth: pies, cookies and special holiday breads. Unfortunately, all of that cookie dough, powdered sugar and ginger snap may come with an extra helping of something you don’t want: cockroaches.

A bug infestation is never a good thing. But with the holiday entertaining season approaching, the problem can be magnified because cockroaches pose health risks by contaminating food and food-prep surfaces. Cockroaches often carry allergens causing people to have allergic reactions. In other words, cockroaches can be the unwanted gift that keeps giving.

That’s why you need a strategy for complete and total roach control. To start with, your roach control strategy should focus on denying cockroaches the three things they need to survive: warm shelter, food and water.

An effective and successful roach control strategy should include the following:

  • Eliminate water sources: Roaches can live for up to two months without food, but they need water much more frequently to survive. That’s why it’s critical to repair leaky pipes and clean up pools of standing water. 
  • Remove food sources: Eliminate food sources around the house. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, sweep routinely after cooking, and never leave food or crumbs on countertops. Any leftover food should be stored in airtight containers.
  • Clean up clutter around the house: Don’t allow piles of newspapers, empty boxes, unused paper bags and other piles of clutter to sit around. Disposing of clutter helps eliminate places that could hide and harbor roaches.
  • Deny access to your house: Cockroaches can squirm through extremely small openings. Be sure to seal gaps around pipes with flexible caulk, as well as patch any cracks and crevices you find around the house. 
  • Use a long-term cockroach insecticide: Spray insecticides are contact killers, meaning they only kill the cockroaches you see, not the ones you don’t. To have total roach control, you need a killing agent like Combat that targets roaches at their source. Cockroaches readily ingest Combat Baits and Gels and bring poison back to the nest where their sputum, feces and carcasses spread the poison to the rest of the nest –decimating bugs in an exponential domino-like effect.

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