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What Roach Killers to Use and Where

It’s bad enough when you see cockroaches scuttling about your kitchen sink. But when they stop and stare at you, taunting you with their little antennae waving in the air, it’s enough to give anyone the chills.

Products that not only kill the roaches but also target the source of the problem are the roach killers you should reach for - and that’s where Combat comes in.

In combination with a complete pest control strategy, the roach killing power of Combat Gels, Baits and Bait Strips gives you a full arsenal of roach killing products from which to choose. Unlike sprays that only kill the cockroaches you see, Combat targets roaches where they breed – in their nests.

Combat Baits, Gel and Bait Strips contain an irresistible formula that cockroaches can’t pass up. Once consumed, Combat’s deadly insecticide is brought back to the nest and spread to the other roaches, decimating the entire cockroach infestation at its source.

Combat products are specially designed for different uses. Depending on the location of the cockroach infestation and the extent of the problem, one Combat product may be more appropriate for you than another.

1. Bait Stations. Bait stations are best used throughout the house in place like under sinks, behind toilets and appliances, and on top of cabinets.
2. Gel Baits. Gel Baits are a form-fitting substance that are designed for cracks and crevices where roaches sneak into the home. These kill both large and small cockroaches, and are also ideal for hard-to-reach places.
3. Bait Strips. Bait strips are thin and discreet with an adhesive backing for maximum versatility. They can be placed out of reach of kids or pets and are easy to apply without a mess. Examples of places to use these are on the underside of garbage can lids or inside drawers and shelves.

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