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What Do Roaches Look Like? A Visual Guide to Cockroaches

One of the first steps that you might want to consider when dealing with cockroaches may surprise you. Educating yourself about what cockroaches look like, the variations between the species and the subtle ways in which they are different is a smart move when trying to eliminate them. When you know exactly who your enemy is and what it looks like, you can better target your roach-eliminating strategy to that particular species.

German Cockroaches

These small cockroaches are about the size of a penny, just 0.5 to 0.6 inches long. They have long antennae and fully formed wings, though they do not fly. German cockroaches range in color from dark brown to brown with tinges of yellow in their exterior coat near their head. They are frequent travelers, and are known for entering into living spaces via a package, a piece of furniture or another container that is coming in from the outside.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are also small, measuring about 0.5 inches in length. As the name suggests, there are yellowish tan to brown, and have two brownish bands across the body which are visible on the young roaches. These cockroaches are quite active, and males may fly readily when disturbed.

Oriental Cockroaches

At around one inch long, Oriental cockroaches are large and appear to have a shiny, greasy exterior coating to their dark brown or nearly black bodies. While the males are smaller and have wings, the females are larger and have no wings. However, neither sex of Oriental cockroach can fly. Oriental cockroaches are less active and more sluggish than other cockroach species.

American Roaches

The largest cockroaches that are commonly seen, American roaches range in size from 1.1 inch to 2 inches and are reddish brown. They have long antennae and have spines along their legs and feet. Both males and females are capable of flying but usually only do in warmer regions, such as the south.

Whether you are faced with small German or brown-banded roaches, or larger Oriental or American cockroaches, Combat has pest control solutions that are targeted towards solving your roach problem at the source. Our slow-acting, effective baits and gels can handle any species or size of cockroach that you are dealing with. The more you know about your roach species, the better equipped you will be to make a plan of attack.