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Uses for Different Pest Control Products

There’s no time to waste when it comes to roach or ant infestations. When choosing pest control products, you need to know what kind will work best for your pest problem. The first step is to know the difference between contact killers and those that kill at the source. Spray insecticides are contact killers; they only kill the bugs you can see. Baits and gels kill at the source – eliminating the bugs you don’t see. Baits and gels are the way to go if you’re looking to kill the entire nest, for good. Whether you have an ant or cockroach infestation, exterminate at the source with Combat Baits and Gels:

Bait Stations: Hide bait stations in areas that ants and roaches pass through often like under sinks, behind toilets, or behind appliances. Bait stations kill in a domino-effect, starting by infecting the ant or roach that comes into contact with the bait. The bait kills via contact or ingestion, and allows the ant or roach to carry the poison back to their nest to die. This eliminates the source of the infestation, and takes out the rest of the nest as well.

Gel Baits: This form fitting substance can be used to fill cracks and crevices both inside and outside your home. Prevent an ant or roach infestation inside your home by filling cracks adjacent to the outer walls of your house. Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel is effective on both small and large cockroaches, while Combat Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel kills many types of ants.

Bait Strips: Combat bait strips are thin and discreet with an adhesive backing for maximum versatility. When you need to address an ant or roach problem in the middle of your home, bait strips will subtly get the job done. They are easy to apply without a mess, and also kill at the source. Just take off the adhesive backing, and apply to an area where you’ve seen roaches in your home.

What good is a pest control product that only kills on contact? Spray insecticides might get rid of roaches and ants that you can see, but they don’t stand a chance against the ones nesting in your walls. When you’re in need of pest control products, look for Combat Baits and Gels. They kill at the source, and eliminate your ant or roach infestation!

To create a pest control plan for your ant or roach problem, utilize the Plan of Attack tool on our site.