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Use Combat Baits and Gels to Kill Roaches in Your Home

When you come home at night, and turn the kitchen light on to see those dark brown creatures scuttling for cover - you’re in no mood to ponder what makes one roach killer product better than another. All you care about is making sure those little buggers are gone. Dead and gone.

Combat roach killing products don’t just target individual bugs - they target the source. Combat’s deadly poison is disguised as an irresistible carbohydrate-rich source of food that cockroaches can’t turn down. So not only do cockroaches consume Combat’s highly potent formulation, they also bring the poison back to their colony in the deep, dark recesses that aerosol insecticides simply can never reach.

The interval between ingestion and death allows cockroaches the time necessary to spread Combat’s deadly killing power all around the nest in the form of sputum, feces and dead carcasses. As the poison propagates throughout the nest, a domino-like effect reaches a tipping point that results in decimation of the entire nest within a few short weeks.

It’s this mode of action that allows Combat to target the source of pest infestations, and it’s also what makes Combat products a long-term roach control solution. If the nest were to remain untouched, your pest problem would always persist.

Placing Combat Baits in multiple locations simultaneously is fundamental for gaining overall control. For instance, place baits on the top or inside of cabinets, along baseboards, and in bathroom corners. Combat Gel is ideal for use in difficult-to-reach places because of its form-fitting flexibility. You can squeeze Combat Gel into small, narrow openings that cockroaches use to gain entry in the house, as well as behind refrigerators, underneath sinks, and to fill hairline cracks and crevices

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