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Tips for Exterminating American Cockroaches

As is true with any type of cockroach, the keys to exterminating American cockroaches are prevention, identification, and elimination. Although American cockroaches typically nest outdoors, they’re not afraid to rummage through your home for food and water.

Entry points are easy for roaches to find, even though they may be more difficult for you to identify. Roaches can enter through most cracks, crevices, or openings. American cockroaches can easily enter your home through sink and shower drains, because they are commonly found living in sewers. After heavy rains, it’s also likely to see an increase in the amount of roaches indoors. Heavy rains cause water levels to rise in drains which make entry more accessible, and roaches often scurry inside to seek refuge from the weather.

Prevent cockroaches from entering your home by sealing entry points with Combat roach killing gels. Since American cockroaches like to nest near buildings, be sure to fill even the smallest of cracks – they can fit through areas no thicker than the size of a quarter!

If you do find cockroaches scuttling around your home, be sure to identify what kind you’re dealing with. Different species of roaches require different approaches. American cockroaches can be up to 2 inches long, with fully developed reddish-brown wings. They also have dark markings on the light colored thoracic shield that covers their head. American cockroaches are extremely quick, despite them being one of the larger species. They can move up to 50 body lengths per second, which is equivalent to a human running 210 mph! You’ll find these roaches in warmer climates, and active during the night.

Eliminating the entire nest is vital to exterminating American cockroaches from your home. Contact killers, such as spray insecticides, only kill the roaches you can see. Combat baits and gels kill the roaches you can see, as well as the rest of the nest. Once roaches ingest or come into contact with Combat baits and gels, a domino effect is created. Roaches bring the poison back to the nest with them, consequently killing their friends.

Source Kill for Large Roaches is specifically designed to entice American roaches and other large cockroaches. This food is formulated with the powerful insecticide, Hydramethylnon. This is the most thorough active ingredient on the market for roach baits. Simply follow the directions and place accordingly to exterminate the American cockroaches in your home.

To learn more about American cockroaches and how to eradicate them, visit our American Cockroach Identification page. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to killing cockroaches, utilize the Plan of Attack tool to help you create a plan tailored to your specific situation.