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Tips for Complete Roach Control on Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It brings to mind candy, flowers and romantic candle-lit dinners. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can also bring something else: unwanted bugs. All those sweet treats and wilting flowers can bring hordes of roaches and armies of ants into the house. Once an infestation begins, ant and roach control can be difficult. Read these tips to help prevent pest problems from ruining your romantic evening.

Chocolate treats, especially the cream-filled unwrapped pieces, are exactly the kind of carbohydrate-rich sweets that attract roaches. Don’t leave the box out overnight. After you’ve picked through and eaten the ones you like, dispose of the rest or store them in a sealed container.

Beautiful flowers are a great way of showing love and affection, but once flowers start wilting, they’re nothing more than dying vegetation. Ants and roaches love dying vegetation. So enjoy your sweetheart’s thoughtfulness, but once it’s clear the flowers are dying, toss them to prevent roaches in the house.

Dirty dishes piling up in the sink after a homemade candle-lit dinner gives cockroaches and ants a tasty reason to crash your party. Instead, keep those pesky multi-legged intruders at bay by wiping the table, sweeping up fallen crumbs, and clearing away all kitchen clutter.

Leftover food and all your baking and cooking ingredients should be kept in tightly sealed containers and stored in cabinets or the refrigerator.

Overflowing garbage cans in the kitchen are like a siren’s call to ants and roaches. Be sure to empty kitchen garbage cans before they begin spilling over.

Rinse recyclables thoroughly and keep them in a properly sealed recycle container. Soda cans, beer, wine bottles, and empty food containers draw roaches like a magnet.

As always, place Combat® Baits and Gels in and around your home for to prevent  roaches from entering your home. For more information on how Combat Baits and Gels work and how to gain total ant and roach control, view our helpful pest prevention video. Or click over to our Prevention Tips page.