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Stop Putting a Band-Aid on Your Roach Problem

The popular saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” definitely applies to most people’s relationship with roaches. Roaches live in cracks and crevices that are often too hidden for people to see, but when you spot a roach crawling across your kitchen counter or your bathroom floor, suddenly you’re reminded of their existence. True elimination can only happen when you kill not just the roaches you see, but also the nest that is hidden from view.

Along with killing roaches at the source, there are measures you’ll want to take to prevent them from easily breeding in your home:

  • Clean Your Kitchen Countertops: Roaches can live off little food particles, including grease. If roaches breed in your kitchen, you’ll likely find them inside your cupboards and drawers. Along with the “gross factor”, roach droppings can be harmful when ingested, and they are hard to detect. You’ll want to keep roaches as far away as possible from where you eat and cook your food.
  • Don’t Leave Out Food or Dirty Dishes: If you’ve noticed a roach in your home, that means there are more roaches that just haven’t said hello. To provide as little access as possible to food particles, you’ll want to seal up food right away instead of leaving it out. Roaches love dirty dishes in the sink, not only for the food stuck to the dishes, but also for the freestanding water.
  • Wash the Floors: Since roaches are small, they can live off very small bits of grime on your floors. Washing your floors regularly will help you get rid of any hidden food source. Roaches also live off dead skin cells, hair, and nail clippings, all of which can accumulate on your surfaces without you even realizing it.

Eliminating roaches from your home may take a few weeks because once the first generation of roaches dies, the eggs left by those roaches will hatch and will also need to die off. However, once you’ve successfully eliminated these two generations, your efforts can’t stop there. By continuing to follow these tips, you can help prevent future infestations.