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Should You Worry If You See Small Roaches?

Just because a cockroach is small doesn’t mean there is no reason to worry. In fact, small cockroaches can often be representative of much larger problems. While it might be tempting to think that a little roach is innocent, harmless or a baby, the reality is that many tiny cockroaches are not babies but are simply smaller versions of the traditional, larger American or Oriental roach. These smaller roaches do not live solo, but often represent massive populations of insects that can easily hide in walls and behind appliances.

What’s the Big Deal With Small Roaches?

The bottom line is that small roaches represent big trouble ahead. There are two main species of roaches that you may run into which measure under an inch in length. Watch out for these two pesky pests, and don’t delay addressing the situation.

  • German cockroaches are less than half an inch across and have long antennae. Their legs have the appearance of having hair on them. German roaches enjoy warm and humid environments and do not fly, but run. Kitchens and bathrooms are two places where they are commonly found. These scavengers will feed on almost anything from book pages to toothpaste, if other food sources are not available. Even a small amount of crumbs or a few droplets of soup spilled onto a countertop will attract them and keep them coming back for food.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches have distinctive tan, light brown or even yellow lines across their bodies or wings. They don’t measure more than half an inch, usually, and also have long antennae and spines on their legs. Brown-banded cockroaches can often be found in warm and dry locations like upper walls of cabinets and in appliance motor housing. They are primarily active at night. They can be found feeding on starchy papers such as wallpaper and stamps, as well as many other different types of substances and foods.

What to Do If You See a Small Roach

Being proactive about a roach problem, whether you are dealing with large or small insects, is the first step in treating it effectively with the attention that it deserves. Because it can be so hard to see smaller roaches, and since they can hide in such deep, dark spots in between boards and in crevices, it is best to coerce them out of their hiding places. Equipped with the effective Combat line of pest control baits and gels, you will be well on your way to getting rid of your roach population. Our slow-acting baits and gels work by eliminating your roach problem at the source, whether your roaches are large or small.