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Put the Candy Away and Keep the Roaches at Bay

Halloween calls for fun costumes, trick or treating, and an outrageous amount of candy. When it comes to be this time of year, you might think that no one can be more excited than your small children. However, there are a few reasons why roaches may just have them beat.

Piles of Leaves: As Halloween grows nearer, leaves are also falling off trees. Unnecessary accumulations of leaves can cause major issues for your pest problems. Roaches love to hide in dark areas that are unlikely to be touched. Removing excess piles of leaves from your yard can help prevent an infestation of roaches.

Easy Access: With trick-or-treaters coming to your house throughout the night, be sure to close the door whenever it is not directly being used. Make sure your screens are in good repair, as cooler weather allows for windows to be open. Roaches can sneak into your home even through the tiniest cracks. Keeping cockroaches out of your home is half of the battle in preventing an infestation.

Abundance of Food: Your children are most likely overjoyed with the large amount of candy they receive on Halloween, and so are cockroaches. Halloween candy that is left out on countertops or tables provides an open invitation for cockroaches to feast. After the counting, sorting, and dividing of candy, make sure it is properly put away. Roaches already have plenty of reasons to call your house their home; take away any additional ones they may have.

Amongst the excitement that Halloween brings, don’t forget to take preventative measures in keeping your home free of roaches. With cooler weather cockroaches look for warm places to hide, and you don’t want these places to be in your walls or under your appliances.

If you see one roach scampering across your kitchen floor, you’re likely to see more. Take action quickly, and eliminate the entire nest. Combat Baits and Gels can begin working within hours and they kill from the source. Unlike spray insecticides, Combat Baits and Gels kill even the cockroaches you can’t see.

Protect your home this fall in the war against roaches. With Combat as your arsenal, you’re sure to win the battle. Utilize our Plan of Attack tool to get your troops ready.