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Prevent and Eliminate Cockroaches from Your Backyard BBQ

This summer at your backyard barbeque you’ll have friends, family, and food. But one thing you don’t want is cockroaches crashing your party. As the weather keeps getting warmer, the cockroach population continues to multiply. To prevent roaches from invading your backyard barbeque, use Combat Baits and Gels before you fire up the grill this season.

Follow these prevention tips to make sure that you don’t host any uninvited guests at your barbeque:

  • When preparing for your barbeque, be sure to clear any dead shrubbery or piles of leaves from areas close to your home. Reinforce the cleanup with Combat gels, which will take care of any lingering roaches.
  • Make sure your hose isn’t leaking. Repair any leaks quickly, as cockroaches are drawn to water.
  • Place Combat Gel in any cracks or crevices surrounding your barbeque station. Cockroaches love to hide in dark, cramped spaces! Combat Gel poisons the nasty pests and makes sure they don’t return.
  • While you’re cooking, keep all food in airtight containers and all surfaces wiped clean. It’s important to eliminate any food particles so roaches aren’t enticed. 
  • Keep the lid on your trashcan at all times. This means before, during, and after your summer barbeques. Roaches will eat just about anything in your trash, not just the food.
  • Once your guests are gone and you’re cleaning up, take a minute to thoroughly sweep up any crumbs. Even if you don’t like leftovers, cockroaches do!

The best way to prevent roaches is to make sure they don’t get in the first time. In the event that these creepy critters do crash your party, take control right away! Eliminate cockroaches with Combat Baits and Gels. By using Combat Baits and Gels to protect your home, you kill cockroaches from the source and wipe out the entire colony.

For more information on preventing cockroaches from crashing your barbeque, view our helpful cockroach prevention video.