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Pest ID: Moths

While Combat® products are great for solving ant and roach problems, there might be other pests invading your home. Moths are common pests in many areas of the U.S. and can cause damage in homes if they aren’t eliminated. There are several kinds of moths and in most cases; they either attack stored dry foods (meal moths) or animal products such as wool (clothes moths). In both cases, it is the caterpillars of the moths that do the damage.

The moths that are found in flour, cereals, meals, cracked seeds and similar items belong to one of only a few moth species. They include the Indian meal moth (Plodia interpunctella), the meal moth (Pyralis farinalis) and occasionally the Mediterranean flour moth (Ephestia kuehniella). The only way to control these months is to locate the infested items and dispose of them.

To prevent meal months from bugging you in the future, make sure your cupboards and cabinets are vacuumed and washed frequently. Double check all your food items and store them in airtight hard containers. This will help avoid moths from laying eggs while also keeping any of the caterpillars that you didn’t see during your inspection away.

Unlike meal moths, clothes moths attack wool, animal mounts, feathers and other items made from hair. In order to get rid of clothes moths, you must locate the infested items and clean them thoroughly. Small items, such as jackets, can be brushed to remove the caterpillars and eggs. Larger items such as wool rugs may require professional cleaning.

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