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Pest ID: Fruit Flies

While Combat® brand specializes in treating ant and roach problems, we know there’s more out there that could be bugging you. One type of these common pests is the fruit fly.

Fruit flies (technically referred to as vinegar flies) are small, red-eyed flies that like to breed in over-ripe, fermenting fruits and vegetables. You have likely seen these small flies near bananas and tomatoes.  Usually, people only see a few fruit flies in their homes, but occasionally there are areas that have many flies. Summertime is the season when most fruit flies are present, but they can be found anytime of the year in heated structures.

The female fruit fly is attracted to fermenting items like those just mentioned but can also be found breeding in items such as rotting potatoes and onions, dirty and damp rag mops, beer cans stored for recycling and dirty water or food items under refrigerators and other kitchen appliances.

Many people try to use insecticides such are foggers (insecticide bombs) to control fruit flies but this only kills some of the adults and shortly thereafter a fresh batch of adult flies will emerge from whatever they are breeding in.

Getting rid of fruit flies is one of the hardest things for any homeowner to tackle once they have started to breed. Be sure to remove all food and water sources from where you see these insects in order to start eliminating these pests from your home.