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Pest Control Products to Eliminate Pest Problems this Bug Season!

Spring is right around the corner. And before you know it, birds will be chirping happily, and all the trees and plants will go from budding to full bloom. In other words, life everywhere will begin its yearly cycle of reawakening.

Oh, and you know what else awakes from the cold winter’s slumber? Bugs. Those warming spring temperatures mean ants and cockroaches will emerge from dormant states, and will immediately begin seeking sources of water and sweet, sugary food sources. Springtime also tends to be the time of year when many homeowners realize that during those the winter months a bug infestation has been slowly been settling in.

The best strategy to get rid of an ant and cockroach infestation, and to make sure it doesn’t come back, is to have the right pest control products on hand to do the job thoroughly and efficiently.

When it comes to choosing the right pest control products this spring and summer, here are six great tips to help keep your home free of a cockroach or ant infestation.

  1. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security with spray insecticides. Sure, aerosol sprays kill ants and cockroaches on contact, but they don’t kill the nest where the majority of ants and roaches continue propagating while remaining hidden from view.
  2. You want a pest control product that kills roaches and ants at their source. Combat is formulated with irresistible attractants that are specially formulated for German cockroaches and American cockroaches. Bugs readily ingest Combat and bring it back to the nest where the poison spreads like wildfire throughout the nest, destroying the entire ant and cockroach infestation in a powerful, exponential domino-like effect.
  3. Combat baits can be positioned in multiple locations both inside and outside the house, which makes them ideal for placing along the paths where you’ve seen bugs scampering about. Baits are great for the tops and insides of cabinets, along baseboards and in bathroom corners.
  4. Combat gel is a great pest control product for areas that are hard to reach. Gel is form fitting, so you can squeeze it into the small, narrow openings that cockroaches use to enter your home. Use Combat Gel to fill small cracks and crevices, behind refrigerators and underneath sinks where pipes enter through the wall.
  5. Another great pest control product from Combat is the bug killing bait strip designed for both ants and cockroaches. The new, unobtrusive design lets you easily apply strips where neither baits nor gels are suitable, such as the underneath side of garbage can lids.
  6. While each of the Combat products—baits, gel baits and bait strips—are highly effective pest control products in their own right, when used in combination with each other, they make a deadly pest control defense system that goes after ants and roaches at their source and kills them all dead. And wiping out the entire bug nest is something aerosol insecticides can’t do.

If you would like more information on how Combat® Baits and Gels work and how to prevent bugs from entering your home, visit the Combat® video archive to learn more about the difference between Combat Baits and Gels, and which is the best solution for your pest prevention strategy.