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Know Your Pest – How to be a Successful Pest Identifier

People inhabit just about every corner of the planet: from the concrete jungles of big cities to the wide-open spaces of the rural countryside. But regardless of where one lives, we all share one commonality: home-invading pests. You can win this battle by becoming a better pest identifier.

Every successful pest identifier begins the hunt with a strategy. A single mistake in ant or roach identification can lead to improper control tactics, which will cost you time and money and have no impact on the infestation. Plus, there are many beneficial insects around your home that can easily be mistaken for pests, such as June bugs, beetles, and crickets.

So the first step is to get a sample of the target insect. Then, with your bug sample in hand, head to the Combat Pest Identification Page where you can identify and create a plan for eliminating the pest.

Once you’ve identified your target pest, a little research will go a long way to helping you eradicate your problem. Cockroaches, for example, are nocturnal and prefer to breed in dark, moist places, such as behind kitchen appliances, around basement drains, under floorboards and inside walls. If you have an infestation, you’ll find evidence of roach feces inside cabinets, drawers and on floors. This feces looks like coffee grounds or black pepper, and is sometimes accompanied by a disgusting oily or musty smell.

Ants, on the other hand, generally live outdoors in underground colonies. When the weather is intemperate, scouts emerge from nests to search out new sources of food and water for the queen and her brood. Scout ants invade your home and are enticed by sweet and greasy foods as well as water sources, such as those from leaky drainpipes. When ants find what they’re looking for, they leave a pheromone trail so other worker ants from the colony can find their way back inside your home to collect more food and water for the colony.

What you need is a pest control product that kills roaches and ants inside their home–at their source. Combat products are formulated with irresistible attractants that are specially formulated for ants and cockroaches. Bugs readily ingest Combat and bring it back to the nest where the poison spreads like wildfire throughout the colony, destroying the entire ant and cockroach infestation in a powerful, exponential domino-like effect.

Use Combat Baits in areas where you’ve seen cockroach or ant activity. For example, place them on known trails and paths, along baseboards and in bathroom corners. Combat Gel is a great pest control choice for hard-to-reach areas. And Combat Bait Killing Strips’ unobtrusive design allows you to easily apply Combat in areas where neither baits nor gels are suitable, such as on the underside of a garbage can lid.