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Kill Ants Without an Exterminator

This is the age of self-reliance. It’s the age of total independence: do it yourself, and get it done right. When ants decide to take up residence in your home, don’t fret - you can stick to your DIY credo and still reclaim your living space. With Combat products, you don’t need to call in the exterminator. So put down the phone, equip yourself for battle, and prepare to make ants regret they ever chose your home to invade.


A Wealth of Weaponry


Combat ant-killing formulas don’t just kill from the source - they’re also versatile, so it’s easy to find just the right option to utilize in your home. Choose from bait stations for floors and flat surfaces, self-adhesive bait strips for hard-to-reach spots, or gel products for all those truly tricky areas where ants first make their entrance.

  • Combat Bait Stations: Low-profile discs that are easy to place anywhere you’ve observed ants in your home, such as near kitchen and bathroom fixtures.
  • Combat Bait Strips: Similar to bait stations, Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips come prepared with an adhesive backing so you can stash them near windows, under sinks, and in other areas where ants have been spotted.
  • Combat Gel: Use gel in gaps and crevices where ants enter your home, Combat Gel can protect the most vulnerable points of your home.


The Combat Advantage


Many consumer pesticide products are made to kill on contact and only kill the bugs you can see. If you’re more interested in eliminating the population where it originates, you’ll need to employ a more advanced solution.

Combat utilizes a powerful bait formulation to root out ant problems where they start. To ants, baits appear to be stocked with nourishing foodstuffs, which they consume and bring back to the colony to be shared. In the span of hours, a domino-like effect begins to topple ant populations, eradicating their forces from within, including the queen.


No Appointment Necessary


When you go on the offensive with Combat products, you never have to worry about the expense or availability of an exterminator. You can take action immediately and affordably, and renewing your defenses is as simple as stopping by your local retailer. No appointments needed, no follow-up visits - just fast, reliable results.

Learn all about how Combat ant products can help end your infestation frustration today - no pros necessary.